Dance Of Shadows (Kage No Odori)

by Dariuc
Dance Of Shadows (Kage No Odori)
Epic Ninja Action In Small Shinobi Packages.

Minor Updates Based on Feedback

  • Interface is fixed a bit,fixed anchors, also chat window is enlarged.
  • Dialogs show up when using Ninpo.
  • Added increased funds so that players can test better for play testing purposes.
  • Press o,i, or u to view character stats,etc.
  • Added Defense- When defending you intercept all incoming attacks.
  • Added paralysis effect. prevents usage of actions for a set amount of time.
  • Added bamboo puppets. Allow ranged attacks that can be manually or auto matically controlled by the puppet.

  • 7/9/12
  • Added some features to make melee combat more interesting.
  • Added sound on/sound off for background music.

  • 7/26/12
  • Added Poison Making, can craft poisons of different potencies, for use in poisoning enemies with deadly results.
  • Added weapon overlays for equipped weapons and improved the current Equip And Unequip stuff.
  • Added a few fixes to some ninpo. Redid inventories for shops.
  • Added Character Customization Items

  • 8/14/12
  • Added a bunch of medals for the collectors.
  • Added weapons that allow the user to inflict elemental effects.
  • Working on the plot and mini games.
  • Added a few special ninpos.
  • Also in the process of converting the movement to pixel movement.

  • Fixed the problem with invisible mobs when the player logs in. That was a biggie for me.

  • Finally started the new maps. Having fun with them as well. I'm making due with the graphics I have, and a few edits to them here and there. I'm satisfied.

  • 9/20/12

  • Tweaked A.I., Added vanity items. Added Lotto. Added refer friend feature. Working on ingame benefits for subscribers.

  • 10/15/12

  • Added mini-maps.
  • Re-did shops and inventories.
  • Fixed various bugs uncovered through play testing as well as added suggested features.
  • Fixed the interface into a single window.
  • In the process of play testing.


  • Added A simple mini-map.
  • Added hotkeys for using ninpos.
  • Added a few more training scrolls.
  • Worked out some kinks with the boss character.


  • Added classes. 6 free, 1 subscriber class.
  • Added two new elements, Yin and Yang-also subscriber only features.
  • Re-vamped Village Battles.
  • Did interface work.
  • Added new tool types for secret medicines.
  • Fixed the story driven quest system.
  • New graphics.
  • On Hover Descriptions.


  • Added a way to combat stealth mode. Added tracking mechanics.
  • Added Story Driven Dynamic Quests.

  • Added new customize items. Skin dyes. Improved other items.
  • Set up a special shop.
  • Fixed two bugs one minor one major- disappearing icons on start and blinking overlays.
  • Alot more stuff I just forgot I'm sure.
  • A list of game updates can be found in-game.