Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, I have been gone for quite some time. About 3 or so years now. I've contemplated time and time again about comng back, but I haven't yet made up my mind. And then last night a game idea struck me. It sounded like it'd be a ton of fun. So, if, after people read the game idea, the response if favorable, I will come back and program it. Now, what is this game idea I am referring to? "Dungeon Master." (Or something to this degree)

If you are well versed in RPG-lore, then you know that this is a reference to Dungeons and Dragon's. And by that assumption this game isn't far off as I based the game off of D&D. Essentially you have a Dungeon Master which is randomly selected (though players can opt to have a higher chance of being the DM) and a group of heroes that go up against him. Here's the basic plan of the game:

The Dungeon Master:

- The DM has five minutes to modify the map. He may change the passages to fit his needs (basically the DM to modify the terrain to a degree). During this time the DM can also set a certain number of traps for the humans. The DM can also spawn up to three treasure chests for an increase in the number of traps he may set.

- When the Heroes are playing the DM will be directly responsible for the enemies they are fighting. Each type of enemy will require certain cost called the Entry Fee. If the DM doesn't have this amount he cannot summon this monster. The DM slowly regains Entry Fee points over time. Eventually this will cap at a number though. The lower amount of Heroes he is fighting the lower the cap in the Entry Fee (ie. if you only are fighting 1 Hero your cap could be 10, but if you're fighting 6 Heroes your cap can be 60). This allows the DM to really create a challenge for the Heroes.

The Heroes:

- During the five minute setup time, the Heroes may discuss what classes they should be, their attribute allocation and spells. They are encouraged to actively communicate with one another and form a strategy. Each round/map change the classes, spells, etc the player chose before will be reset.

- The Heroes need to reach the end of the dungeon and kill the end-game boss in order to win.


- If the DM kills all the Heroes he will receive 300 exp * the number of Heroes.

- If a Hero wins he will receive 500 exp + 100 for each Hero.


- Levels will be account-based. Leveling doesn't directly increase strength and other attributes. Instead each level gives Heroes more attribute points to use when building their character. The level cap is 10.

So, what do you all think?