I have a friend that's trying to host a game via FileZilla Shell. He has it up and people can join, but nobody has admin on the server. How does he give admin or get admin?
That depends entirely on the game he's attempting to host, really. Some games have an 'admin.txt' file you can manually write admins into. Some games just grant admin to the hosting IP - in which case you've got a bit of a problem.
He's hosting Dragon Ball Finale. There is no admin.txt file and I guess his IP didn't get admin
Oh. Finale. I believe you have to have someone who's hard-coded with administrative powers give you admin if you're not the hosting IP.

I believe that joining through DD -might- provide you with hosting privileges, but I don't honestly remember how that works.
For my friend that's hosting, that didn't happen for some reason. =/ Oh well... Maybe it's his shell.