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So I decided i'm going to make my character screen using winset, and I downloaded Forum_account's interface demo, which as a newbie I find really hard to understand... So anyway I just used a Jpeg image I made for the screen that will pop up when a player joins the game. I have 3 square boxes on my screen where I would like to place "buttons" of some sort that have a command of New or Load only, depending on whether or not there was a character in that slot or not. So I got the image uploaded on the new window, and it fits and looks all super nice, But how do I go about creating these buttons??
Thanks for any help =] ALL is appreciated!
So under the editor, i selected "button" and I seemed to create 3 buttons, But I don't know how to give them a command... can someone give me some tips? I want them to do what I said above. Thanks
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double click on them then go to the last tab and click command and give it a command like a verb
If you're a newbie, it's probably an easier idea to just place the image on the map somewhere that players can't reach, and simply place turf icons down for the buttons that in turn call the respective procedures when they're clicked, rather than trying to mess with interfaces at all. They can be a serious pain in the rear end.
Yea, seeing as how i'm just learning how to use interface anyway, it is probably a good idea to keep that part basic for now ^^
I used this at my first time