The 2nd tree used the wrong type of colors and looks kinda of cartoonish weird
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Dr.Penguin wrote:
The 2nd tree used the wrong type of colors and looks kinda of cartoonish weird

Nah, the colors are decent, I just didn't place them properly because I rushed to eat my Chinese food >_>. If I placed them correctly and took my time, I'm sure your opinion would of been different, anyways enough about the tree, it was just an idea, give the person some advice on other things as well lol
its like looking at me with a weird stare D:
I appreciate the effort but I must keep the stylized tree design. The rest of the trees in game follow this style, so it would look extremely weird if I had one realistic tree among the rest. Also the stylized tree fits more to his personality.

I do like the cracks you added to his head though. I will definitely do more to create a rocky texture. The legs I'm still not entirely sure on. The regular golems that he rules over do not have legs, so I wanted to set him apart in that way. However, with that giant head of his, it may fit him better to float then to walk.
I think he would look neat with a nicely animated slowly flowing cloak animation to make him appear to float. The way he is now doesn't make him seem very regal either.
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Unfortunately this was my first time animating a flowing cape, so it didn't turn out as well as I'd like. I may revisit it later, but I've already spent so much time on this one creature. Your advice was solid, the cape does make him much more regal. This is probably the last update I'll post up here.
It's still a nice improvement. I personally imagined him as wearing a robe-ish thing similar to what DungeonDan posted but this also works.
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