The Byond Game Universe of Comics is breaking copyrights by using characters, races, locations and themes from DC & Marvel comics without permission and labeling it as original content. On top of that all of the turf icons are ripped from other random games. And they have an icon I made that I do not want them using anymore. How do I report them to byond and force them to stop? I just hate to see people getting away with adding a base icon and ripping everything else but calling it original content. And taking credit for others work is something I hate. I'd like to see people put an effort into their games.
The turf icons as far as I've seen, were generic RPG Maker resources. And, that's why the game isn't listed as original.
The hub info says:
listing = "Fangame"
tags = list("fangame")

It's fine, as long as Marvel and DC restrict their content personally by contacting BYOND.
Yup. As long as they stay out of trouble, don't accept any money and try not to attract Game Maker/RPG Maker's attention, this is pretty standard.