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I have a semi-new HP Pavilion computer running Windows 7, and despite all of the help already existing on this website, I can't seem to be able to host. I have no router, so I obviously can't port forward. I'm not extremely skilled with computers, but I'm competent enough. Please, I've tried and tried for a long time, help me.
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If you don't have a router (which is bad -- you should get one!), then in theory all you need to do to host is run the game in DreamDaemon. It will then output a message saying whether your computer is reachable or not. If it isn't reachable, then you must be running a software firewall such as Windows Firewall, and you'll have to look at that and make an exception for the port you want to host on.
In the control panel there is an option for "windows firewall" so I'd take a look there and see what your options are.
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It shows me that my firewall settings are being controlled by my Mcafee security, which I just went to. I tried turning Mcafee off and hosting still doesn't work.