Keywords: host, levi, site, test, web
Okey so it's decided, i will choose hosting24 as my webhotel. It seems awesome and they got high quality. And you don't even need HTML knowledge to create a basic site there, "sadly" i already got that knowledge. Now i just gotta call their support and ask about their payment ways and such.
Anyhow, i do seriously need a good photoshopper now. As i can within a few months (1-3) have the site up. But it needs to look good, and even though i can code, i can't shoop. So i need some logos, nice backgrounds and such. So if your intrested in helping me to create a community, give me an email at

This community is just a test, and as i know nothing about webhosting or anything i dunno how it will turn out. But it seems pretty easy and i got the patience to learn. So really, i think this might turn out good.