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That's right! As the website is going well, and is a pretty easy objective when i get a photoshopper i am planning on creating a game here on Byond. I had plans to create a Stargate game but was like...people just complain anyhow. And admins want to be raceleaders and such. So i was thinking "Hey! Noone has made a STALKER game". There are alot of videos on where you can find gameplay, trailers and such of STALKER. STALKER is a horror/fps game which is based on the chernobyl incident. In 2008 the powerplant explodes again, and a large area around the Chernobyl (called The Zone) is now inhabitaded with mutans, greedy humans and military. All with their own objective. Note that the game is pretty bugged but can be bought for PC in most stores, also on several internet sites like Steam. The continuation "Stalker: Clear Sky" is a game i've never tried out, as it's bugged and not enough patch updates for it yet. And now in October, Stalker: Call of Pripyat will be launched. So to celebrate the glory of the game, i am making a rpg here on Byond. It will be like Stargate, but without the Stargate. I will implent alot of different skills and equipment. Also, one thing that made Stalker popular was that they had no "OMG I GOT LVL 4" system. It was mostly based on Artifacts, made in anomalies. I recommend you all to play it. And trust me, the "horror" in the game aint that scary. A village full of some mutans, which i hate but after you've met them a few times you like em'. So really, you will start as a Loner (The L in Stalker) and then you can from there join a faction like the Ukraine Army, scientists, rebels (called Freedom) or maybe the army of loners who built a settlement in the Zone called DUTY. Or you just gather some people and raid, rob and kill people. You decide.

But of course, i will need ALOT of help. I can get icons, and i am happy to create more. But sadly, my movement icons aint good, and my coding is...let's not even go there.

I will make a hub soon and there you can read more as i will post some more info about STALKER on there until the games up. If you feel like joining in on the STALKER team, mail me at or just leave a comment here.