Okey so i decided to try out some iconning as it was a long time ago. The grass needs to be remade so it fits more when it's a large group of grass. The wall seemed pretty good.

And i admit that i used Vastiny's Cloaked anubis icon as the base for the playericon. I will of course make a totally new one tommorow as this one is abit to fat. But as i saw i still had the SGA source from long ago, i decided to use it for now. So yes, i am sorry :P

I think it got pretty good still, even though you can only see three icons :P
If nothing special happens tommorow i will use the same map but upgraded with more "wall" icons, some fences. Possibly more player icons too. So maybe, 5 player icons, fence, walls, modified grass, atleast one gun and possibly an anomaly. The anomalies will be abit tricky as i guess i will use the STALKER anomalies and then i gotta fix them, and then whoever will code the game will have to code the different anomalie reactions and damage.
It's too green to be STALKER. Needs more brown and grey.
Yeah :P
But actually, aloy of the grass is green, and the problem is: I dunno what timeline it should be. Becuase in 2007 it was green as hell, but then after 2008 it became kinda dead after the explosion. But thanks for the critic, i value it deeply. I will probably try to remake it tonight or tommorow with more brownish green color.
You know, you can upload images while writing a post. No need for Photobucket!

Also, it's really hard to see as a jpg. Try saving it as a png next time.
Didn't see much of a change. i am so stupid to not think of that function. Made it into png and put it in using the function. Thanks :P