Poll: Which grass icon should i choose?

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#4 36% (4)
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#6 18% (2)
Other 45% (5)

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Hey guys, as someone commented below, the grass needed to be modified. And as i am tired as hell, i just made a quick edit. I like the green one, but that means i need to take the timeline from Clear Sky. This doesn't matter really as this game is only based on the others, not the story of them. So really, which one you decide means you help me decide the story. The darkest one means the radiation has gone worse, which means we will work on the Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl story, continue it kinda.

If you vote on Other, please tell me what to change, or better up, come with your own grass icon you see fit. Of course you will get credits for it. (Alot of credits seeing that icon will be used alot)
4, it has less of the "tile-effect".
Well i will probably fix that tile effect, so that it blends more. The main thing i want to know is if i blended the brown and green good :P
They're all extremely tiled. You need to come up with a new texture. Or alternatively, use a few different variations of the same texture.
YEah, as i said below i will reicon it to melt more. But i need to know what color :P