Keywords: grass, help, icon, plea, turf
Oh well, i tried. I've found alot of different grasses, and sat up all night editing my current one. It looks alot better, but still kinda crappy. So if anyone reads this, could you please help out? I found this Grass generator, which was good. And i was planning to take one of them and edit it to brownish, radiated looking.

So if anyone wanna try to help out, you can either make your own or use one from the link above. Please :P

And yes, i suck on grass, dirt and all "natural" turfs.
Don't go with Randomized, while it looks better than solid green, it's not that great. I'd recommend looking at: sywtbapa_almighty_grass_tile.php

fixed new grass icons, the new post haven't popped up on Blogs yet though.