Shinobi of The Order

by Raffile
Shinobi of The Order
This is a non-canon naruto roleplaying game
Keywords: futurewipe, soto

Poll: Do you all think SoTO should have a future spinoff?

Yes 50% (5)
No 50% (5)
Up to owners/admin 0% (0)
Yes without lazer weapons 0% (0)

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So i want to do a future spin off, four thousand years in the future were shinobi are no longer used. This idea came to me when i realised scifi things are really fun to roleplay. In this spin off there will be lazer weapons(maybe) and different skills according to species and will be highly advanced. However guns still wont excise.

Poll ends in three months
Heck yeah. That sounds fun....Even though the image of future Naruto with lasers at first gives me the thought of those iffy kid shows. But I can imagine stuff like swords with laser as blade, laser bow, etc...So I think it would be pretty tight when I think about it more.
But people come and join to play a naruto game with ninja tools and jutsu, its hard as hell to find a good naruto game these days especially RP naruto games. Most ppl whom play naruto wudnt agree..If its like the modern world an was still able to use jutsu then ya I geuss
Not many people like scifi
I love the idea, i'm just not sure why there would be lazer weapons but not guns XD
Guns said by the creator of naruto will nvr excist in the naruto world so gotta follow that lol
raff why not use my mob icon the big ones that way you have have more detail to the game and you can have a side thing where ppl can draw pics of custom armor they woulds like in the game for clan/gang armor and stuff,,, dont you thinmk its time to cut away from the naruto fan stuff and make some thing fun and not a rip off of what every one else is doing if you like this idea let me know i should be back in about a week or so