Heroes United

by Falacy
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Kobe10, Is showing my facebook again Falacy. Well all want him Globally muted. He's harasing me Non stop. Please just do it falacy, and let's be done with this.
falacy, this what kobe is doing is against people's privacy, so can u do somthing about it
We all don't. There is an Ignore command for a reason USE IT.

Tyler its unfair him posting other ppls private stuff on this game for one. Two Kobe really needs to be dealt with he is forever disrespecting poeple.. His attitude towards this game not only disrespects us but in a manor it disrespects this game along with everyone that has anything to do with it. He really needs to be punished.
If you don't want to hear him Ignore him! You see if you would have ignored kobe10 he would never of posted any "facebook" profiles in the first place. Ignore him instead of arguing.

~Tyler GANG!
Naw Tyler, thats not the point tho.
Rofl. Stop arguing with him and he wont do things Garofolo Goodness gracious