New CSS, please view and rate it, most things I found hard to see on the background when highlighted go yellow (View the forum to see the problem I'm talking about)

Copied Yash's Atom button idea. Teehee :B, aside from that, been working on this for a few days.

kthnx R_shn_t
Looks like Yash's with a background. Give more credit.
Rip Nation wrote:
Looks like Yash's with a background. Give more credit.

The fact that I already said I used his idea for the atom isn't enough?

And If it does look like his, then there are two people in the world with good taste aren't there? I made this myself -.-
I think I'd make the links yellow to begin with because I find having to highlight text to read it is annoying. Alternatively, perhaps cyan or a blue leaning more towards white would work.
Is this a little better? :)
The backgrounds annoying.
As well it's hard to see the text box to type.
Hmpf. Allow me a moment to make the background a little more fitting.
Better? :P
Rushnut wrote:
Better? :P
Its making me woozy.
Yeah, this is easier to read.
The comment box is a little hard to see (invisible), and the background gets annoying. I can tell what you were trying to do, but the animation is too short to make it look like it should.
Much too dark, too hard to tell where everything is, and the background is highly obnoxious.
Unfortunately this is the longest Grainy Camera effect I can find on the internut
Animated backgrounds are always a bad idea.
Not if they are suitably awesome
No, they're always a bad idea. Period. But then, I can just ad-block your background and then I won't have to worry about it.
Victory is mine. :D
I shall stop visiting your unreadable site now.
*Returns to crying in the corner*
you should let me play the game too :[
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