Okey i dunno what to do.
I could learn coding more advanced things, which would delay my game release about 6 months...or try to get a reliable coder which would not rip my
I don't know what to do. Icons are comming in fast and i only got the weapon skins, chernobyl turfs and the NPC icons left to do.
So err...any advice? I just get a huge headache trying to code because i don't know where to start. But getting a coder can be hard as alot of them like ripping.
Don't post and get to work >.>
It's hard! :S
Slow down and think things through. Don't try to make the game in a week.

Don't be afraid to break something down and start again, but make sure you back it up first.
That's what i'm doing. Just saying that the game would be so massively delayed that i'm not sure that when i can finally code i wont have time to do the game.
What are you actually trying to program in? It may be easier then you think.
A shooting system, mobs (Enemies that attack you etc etc). Weps, veichles. Admin, a turf that can record a message that admins can read anytime (even after reboots). Anomalies (Turf that hurts) And then stat system and a skill syetem.
This is the beginning, probably more. I know some of that stuff is basic but i'm currently trying to code in HP, which gets ruined when i make a shooting system.
Try to make the game in a week, you won't regret it. It's better to rush then slow down.