Okey so i had a coder, which i was unsure if he was a ripper, a tricker or a flipper (yay rhyme).
But today he logged in (different timezones) and told me he had coded a skillsystem. This makes me happy as it's one step closer to S.T.A.L.K.E.R
He's gonna create a hp system, and with that the most problems will be solved. So now i'm gonna make some push-ups before i go to bed. See ya!
HP = 100
MaxHP = 100

TakeHP(amount = 0, mob/Killer)
src.HP = max(min(src.HP-amount, src.MaxHP), 0)
if(src.HP <= 0)
world << "[] has been killed"
Killer.EXP += src.level/10000000

There, a hp system :P You make that so overly complicated when it is not
Making a hp system aint hard. Making a hp system fit with the gun system, equipment system, Item system and NPC system is harder.