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Below are PLANNED UPDATES, read if you'd like! Basically, we are planning on adding many new features, which will further roleplay, and community interaction, as well as fun!

Major Update #(Order Unknown):
Sand Village will be added! We will probably add the Uchiha clan in this update as well.

Major Update #(Order Unknown) - The Customization Update:
In this update, we will be introducing Multiple new features.

Following a system seen in a few games, this will allow you to build buildings for yourself. These buildings of course will not be as pretty as the default ones, but they will provide shelter, and such. The walls are NOT destroyable, and cannot be passed through. Doors can be locked.

Passive System/Tech Tree:
The Passive System will not only help introduce Medical Jutsu, but also Technology. These Passives will range from enhancing your jutsu, and skills, to giving you new skills. These also allow you to make technology, that can pick locks, are traps, and more! Start your own ninja-tool, or weapon store. Advanced Medical Jutsu can increase character's max age, and decline, as well as transfer Eye Techniques, or inherit Elements/Kekkie Genkai.

Village Enhancement, and Territory System:
There will be maps that are not part of the Major Villages, these maps will each (Except the center most "Build" areas) include Contested Towns. These towns will have Capture Flag(s), that can be captured as long as the current city's owner is not in the capture zone. People KOd in Capture Zones will be transported to their village's hospital.

There is an "RP Mode" verb that will be added, so you can enter the capture zone without capturing it.

Captured Towns can then generate Yen for the village, which can be used to give Bonus' to the village members, or to buy Elemental Masters whom are neutral, to stay in the village (Still neutral though). They can also be used to purchase new shops, cheapen shops, and more.

Mission System:
The Mission System will add the PVE element to the game, and give players much more to do. The Kage(Or Kage Helpers) of a village receive a list of Missions they can hand out each month, these missions pay the village some, and once completed they pay more. There will be PVE, and PVP missions. Missions will also be Creatable by the Kage.

Major Update #(Order Unknown) - High-End Update: In the High-End update, we will be adding a few new systems and content:

Kurohoshi is Naruto New Dawn's version of Akatsuki, unlike Akatsuki they are not limited to 10 members. Kurohoshi will have a list of Forbidden/Rare techniques that the Leader Figure gives one to himself, and one to the top ten members of Kurohoshi. These moves can be leeched, but require an insane Intelligence Score, and chance.

Kurohoshi can Capture Towns as well, and eventually, once enough resources are attained, create a village for criminal ninja.

Every so often there will be a "Kurohoshi" wipe, which places all members of Kurohoshi back into their original village, removes the town, and resets them.

Jinchuriki (Fuuun):
We will also be adding new figures, (You guessed it) 9 to be exact! These will possess the 9 different Bijuu. Every so often there will be a bijuu wipe.

New Forbidden Tech/Medical Techniques:
There will be new forbidden techniques! There will be 3 Forbidden Masters, one for Medical, one for Technology (Puppets, and other semi-tech things), and one for regular. All 3 will be aligned to evil. Some things MAY include:

Curse Seal Creation (Definitely limited)

Living Puppets (Copies of KO'd corpses, with half power, or a limited number of Killed corpses)

Impure World

Summoning Techniques

Snake-Related Techniques (I wonder where I got that idea, hmm.)

Spirit Related Techniques

Sealing Techniques

Made-Up techniques (That make sense!)

Current Features

Naruto - New Dawn is a brand new, 100% original Naruto Roleplaying project. It will feature great gameplay, as well as great roleplay systems. NND has many unique features that will be described below.

Roleplay Systems:
Naruto New Dawn will feature unique roleplay systems that will encourage community roleplaying, effort, and hopefully it will be fun for everyone. Naruto New Dawn will have many "Figures", including the Kages, Anbu Leader for each village, Five Elemental Masters, and Clan Masters for each. More is planned in the future!

Naruto New Dawn also features a Certification System, which is similar to what is seen in other Roleplay games in byond. Ours however, is unique, and hopefully will work better. The Certifications are D-S, D-A should be EXTREMELY easy to get, and given out just for effort, though not all at once. S however will require good Roleplay, but still not impossible to get. Our certification system is not to limit Bad Roleplayers, or punish them, but simply to ensure not everyone has extremely strong jutsu.

Hand Seal System (Revised!):
As seen in a certain other Naruto game on Byond (Or more, no clue anymore), Naruto New Dawn features a Hand-Seal system. If you know the jutsu (Unlike the other), you can use the hand seals, and press B use that jutsu. There are also Skill Squares which you can click, and they will tell you the hand seals in order, starting with the first, and then it will tell you if you got them right. This removes memorization, but still allows it.

Combat System(Taijutsu):
Our combat system is simple to use, but difficult to master. It includes Kicking, Punching, and Blocking, and High/Mid/Low states. When you are block, if you use exactly the same state as the opponent, you will block the attack perfectly, reducing almost all the damage. However, if you simply block with another state, while it will lower damage it will not be as effective.

Naruto New Dawn also features fully animated Taijutsu (Though, only one is included at this moment, but more will surely come in the future!). Taijutsu is very effective in our game, so we intend there to be Pure taijutsu users, as well as normal jutsu users.

Targeting System:
Lag got you down? Unskillful at aiming attacks? Our Targeting system will help you! Naruto New Dawn's targeting system will automatically face you in one of four directions, towards the target. This allows you to focus more on dodging, blocking, and hand seals then having to aim each and every attack. Aiming surely will help, but this will make combat easier for beginners, while DEFINITELY not taking the skill out of it.

Jutsu/Learning System:
Not only does Naruto New Dawn feature a wide array of jutsu(And only to get more!), it also features a wide array of defensive jutsu, that can block projectiles, or deflect them, and defend you. Many games do have these, but with many different customizable ways to use ours, they can be used for offense and defense.

Naruto New Dawn's Learning system takes from many great ideas of other games, and makes it our own. If a player has the required Certifications, one can learn by simply watching someone use a Jutsu. Of course, your Intelligence has to do with if you are smart enough to learn it or not, though.

Elemental, Kages, Teachers, and Clan Masters can also teach jutsu automatically to students of theirs, using Teach Points based on the jutsu. This will automatically teach them without checks, except for Certification Check. Teach Points regenerate with time.

Age System:
Using an age system as seen in other games, ours is to prevent people from getting too strong after an extremely long period of time. Once a player's character reaches 40, their stats and such will start declining. And once it reaches 80, all stats, limbs, and life force and such will become 1, making it practically impossible to continue fighting, though it will allow you to RP still. This removes the need for wipes.

Jutsu Submission System:
Our jutsu submission system will allow endless possibilities, just like the Naruto Universe provides! If you have an idea for a Jutsu you would like added to the game, please submit it using the JutsuSubmission verb. While not all jutsu will get approved, we would like you to try anyways, as long as it makes sense it should eventually.
Note: No jutsu will be exclusive to you, ever. All can be learned by someone else. Don't be afraid to submit whole clans, or clan jutsu.

Getting Stronger and Mastery System:
Here at Naruto New Born, we love good roleplay, but we love good gameplay too. So, why not combine the two?

Just by playing (Walking around, sparring/fighting, walking on water), you can not only increase how much of health/stamina/chakra you will gain, but you will increase your Experience, which in turn will "Level" you up, granting you stat points to spend!

Now, not only that, but our staff, and secret Roleplay Spy's will reward good roleplaying they see, thus increasing you also.
Wow this sounds epic, can't wait to try it out. I hope it's as epic as it sounds =]
I'm just absolutely sure your handseal system will be exactly the same as Qmarkreals...I can just feel it.

Another Naruto game on BYOND. How surprising.
Good luck anyway.
theres like different names:Naruto New Born,Naruto New Dawn Lol
if your not goina to post anything intelligent then dont post at all -.-
Zane444 wrote:
if your not goina to post anything intelligent then dont post at all -.-

This will be a very quiet blog in that case
can i be gm ok i want to be owner cuz i know i can manget sever. i am byond's best sever manget owner. altho i want to have all jutsus/demons and i want to ban anyone i want ok cuz this guy name dinomaster is stlaking me plz tell him to stop he won't stop ok i try to cuminate with him but no work ok

i am no man ok i am woman with rigts
Underworld Troll wrote:
can i be gm ok i want to be owner cuz i know i can manget sever. i am byond's best sever manget owner. altho i want to have all jutsus/demons and i want to ban anyone i want ok cuz this guy name dinomaster is stlaking me plz tell him to stop he won't stop ok i try to cuminate with him but no work ok

i am no man ok i am woman with rigts

Lol, nuffing said.

Cyberlord34 wrote:
Zane444 wrote:
if your not goina to post anything intelligent then dont post at all -.-

This will be a very quiet blog in that case

maybe,but this is a just an update to the game,not a chat room
i'm going to be honest.

Where's the Unique ideas? I've seen at least 90%, if not more, in other BYOND games already.
The age system is kind of bull. I mean, the third hokage was a coon, but he could still fight like he was a young kage. i could see if when you become old, most of your stats get cut in half, but 1? That's just eh.
ummmmmm i will host
probaly 24/7 but if i cant it will be 18/7
The third Hokage didn't lose any of his power from what I know, He gained more.
I'd hate to lose any of my power. Not being able to get any stronger would be better.