But i got a pager from Dr.Penguin for free memebership

and i know free memebership is not legal or allowed in byond and im sure 100 percent its a fake but it may be malware or even a site to get free info just curious about it
I wouldn't trust anything Penguin says, sends, or does. Especially this. That's my advice.
I know i didnt click it but just trying to make a post of warning all others who may got this
From looking at it, it asks you for your key and password. It also has sources for sale on it too.

Obviously you should never enter any of your information onto this site.
Yeah I got a page from Dr. Penguin too <--(7:39 pm)Dr.Penguin:THIS IS REAL NOT FAKE!
Apparently, anything Djken posts shouldn't be trusted either when it comes to pager messages.
I thought this was already cleared anyways im not even going to continue this lol
Gosh. These kids, abusing the pager like it's their own personal toy.
Yea no such things as friends using other keys anyways if you have anything negative to say page me it im just trying to help everyone who may got this pager of what it may contain theres no reason for you to just come on this fourm and start typing negative comments.If there are issues from you to me then we can settle this through pager im not really about to fight you on a
1) game fourm
2) in public
I have no issues with you. Just the messages that were sent out from your key to other players. There doesn't have to be any fighting, gosh. Kids, always in a rush for violence.
Well then if you have no issues you can end this conversation here and sure im a kid doesnt really matter to me because i bet theres like 1k kids online on byond right now so doesnt matter to be because this is a kids game go drink some coffe lol go try to act all tough and mature some place else. and if you are mature you would not reply :)
Haha dj tryna be a big boy
Lol :p
Yeah don't trust Dr. Penguin. He is a major troll and anyone who has ever dealt with him knows that too. He was actually trolling me to give his friend YellowSlime membership! How outrageous is that?
A BYOND moderator would never ask for your password. So certainly never trust an external site with such confidential information. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is.
It's a scam, so I'd avoid it. Thanks for letting us know.