So some of you might remember a few posts I've made about the Voltron I built out of Lego: SuperSaiyanGokuX?command=view_post&post=32711

Well, I've run across another Lego Voltron that completely blows mine out of the water: 72157621831608361/

And I really mean completely... I mean, I'm still proud of mine, especially considering the part limitations it was built under (namely just what I had available in my modest collection, plus just a few extra ordered special), but this guy's rendition is lightyears above it...

If you like Voltron and/or Lego, you need to check it out...
...HEY! Haven't seen you in a while.
How's the child?
Pretty cool. I always loved legos when I was a kid. A Lego store opened up in a mall around here and is really cool, but Lego boxes tend to be low on the pieces and tend to go for specialized pieces now, which kinda kills the fun.

Have you seen Adult Swim's new show "Titan Maximo"? It is the old "small robots/ships/cats combine to make a big robot" but done by Seth Green of Robot Chicken fame, and is all stop motion animation. Only been one episode so far, but it was pretty entertaining, even if it was lacking on robot-vs-robot fighting action.
well, franckly I like yours better just because it was done with prety much regular pieces, while his is made with custome pieces.
Woah, a new's been a while. :O
SSGX... sorry to intrude on your voltrons, but you know DBTC? theres this horrid bug. i would worship you to see the one where you try to leave kami's lookout to the world map and get blackscreened. it HURTS my dragonballs. seriously.
I like Bionicles there my favorite but i hate Hero Factory thought. Hero Factory we kill heroes... ROFL xD