Okay well This is a software problem I think XD. Well here's the problem...

I'm hosting in a linux. On the same router(Different IPs tho) i'm using a windows laptop. When I try and join the game that i'm hosting with my windows computer, It says "Connecting... Failed. And thats about it. I'm hosting two games on the linux and it does it for both. Is there a setting I can change for this or something? Thankyou in advance.

Generally a lot of Linux distributions have firewalls.
You need to tell us a little more information, like what distribution you are running, version, kernel, if a firewall is enabled, etc.

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Emily, when you run DreamDaemon on console, at the end it says whatever the chosen port is accessible by BYOND HUB or not. If it says so, it is probably broadcasting correctly and can be reached from outside correctly.
You may want to make a test to see if it works or not.

Also how are you running the DreamDaemon? Through console on the same machine or through SSH console from a different machine?

If through SSH, when you close the window/session, DreamDaemon is automatically shut down. You can use something like SCREEN to ensure apps you start keep still working after you close SSH.
Uhm.. the connection works. People play it all the time. idk what SSH is :/. But Im using DD on the linux and playing games on the windows laptop. Thats all I can really tell you lol. I'll try the firewall thing but idk what distribution is or version....... or kernel XDD.
Are you using the subnet lan ip address assigned by the router?

I have the issue this not loading using my internet IP or the hub page.
uhmmm... idk XD. I'm usin my IP address lawl. It's different from the windows one tho.
I'll try the firewall thing but idk what distribution is or version....... or kernel XDD.

Well for a start, the distribution is just the 'name' of the Linux OS you're using. Fedora? Ubuntu? Debian? Gentoo? Mint? There are more, but those are the most common that I see on BYOND.
Ubuntu lol.
Are you using an external IP address or an internal one to connect? You should try connecting using your internal IP address.

An internal IP address always starts with "192.168.XXX.XXX", "10.XXX.XXX.XXX" or "172.16.XXX.XXX". Any IP address that does not start with the numbers I've given is considered an external IP.

In order to see the IP address used by a Linux system you need to type the command "ifconfig" in the terminal. This will display a list of all network interfaces and the IP addresses assigned to them.

Look for an IP address that follows the pattern I've laid out above (in most cases it's either 192.168.x.x or 10.0.0.x) and try using that to connect to the server (example: byond://

Some ISP's/routers can't loop back on themselves, so if you use your external IP address to connect the router blindly sends it out to the internet but it never comes back to the router.
Okay. I'll give that a try :). Thankyou.