Sasuk8 got back his Account and he hacked me Chrisdarkness Account Please help me please help me

<--(10:53 am) Sasuk8: dark help me i cant control my account
<--(10:53 am) Sasuk8: the hacker back
-->(10:54 am) Sasuk8: with?
-->(10:54 am) Sasuk8: the hack have my Chrisdarkness

Sasuk8 got back his Account then Sasuk8 hacked me and now the hacker hack Sasuk8 with my account help help me please Owner or Moderators
You should fill out the support form for this issue, as that will forward it to the Staff.
how give me a Eg
An unknown error occurred. Check your form and try again.
it send now
Dude, just change your password.
Change your password, and change the password of the e-mail address associated with your BYOND account. Don't change them to the same thing.

Don't tell anyone your password. No BYOND Mod or Staff member will ever ask you for it. Don't 'loan' anyone your account. Don't let anyone 'borrow' it. There's no legitimate reason to do this in the first place.

Run an Anti-Virus scan of your PC too, just to be sure.
nvm I got back my account
guys thx for all your help