GodzGames team is now recruting again. Anybody can apply and it's even more simple now. Just add and as the message to send me when giving a friend request fill this in...


REALLY SIMPLE and anybody can join now we will just assign you a rank 1 - 10 according to your skills or familiarity amongst us.

Jobs: Programmer, Pixel Artist, Skinner, Idealist, GFX Artist, Mapper, Hoster.

Team Below

Order: Byond Key|Job|Status|E-Mail|

10-Kingmasherr|Coder, Mapper, Skinner|Available||

7-Jones Boy|Icconner, Idealist|Available||

10-Drehdog7|Icconer, Coder, Hoster|Available||

10-Flysbad|Programmer, Mapper|Available||