Fantasy Fortress

by GauHelldragon
Fantasy Fortress
Build your own ultimate fortress
The world is untamed. Wide forests, deep lakes and vast mountain ranges await you. Your small band of settlers have found the perfect location. It's time to build your own Fantasy Fortress!

Heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress by Bay 12 Games, this is a strategy/simulation game where you direct the lives of a small band of settlers. While you have no direct control over your creatures, you assign them jobs and give them orders, and they will be carried out.

- Choose from 5 playable Races
- Embark into a huge randomly generated landscape.
- Build your home on top of a mountain range, or dig deep into the earth.
- Construct trade depots and send trading caravans to other players...
- Or raise a mighty military and siege their walls!

Documentation and help files Pending...

Until I can some webspace, you will have to get the game from this link :

Sorry. :\

Reminds me a lot like Dwarf Fortress, and a very fun game. Nice work!
Cannot Download.
Cannot Download too. So pity...
Ah sorry, I lost the webspace I was hosting the download link on... If anyone knows a good free place where I can host the files.. that would be fantastic.
mediafire. 'nuff said
As you suggested, here is the link for mediafire download of the source of this game.

Unfortunately I have run into some problems with the pathfinding and some sort of slowdown issues that I am trying to pin down.

If anyone wants to take a look at the code, I've uploaded the zipped source of the game. Feel free to take a look.

cant download D:
someone host it
If you don't mind me giving some input-- I'd recommend the following:

I say that because the project looks pretty interesting. You can post the source there under your account (( Or, if you wish, under an organization that you can create. )), for free.

That said, there are some other things-- Git is an extremely decent developers tool that would come into play with this. I'd recommend looking into it, as well.