I have my game hosted on another computer, but when I try to join this one it fails for some reason. Is there a way to get around that so I can join my game from this computer?

Other players are able to log onto it except myself.
I can only assume that I cant connect to the game because my IP is the same as the one the game is being hosted on. Would there be a way to get around that?
That wouldn't normally be a problem, I shouldn't imagine. I think there's something else at work here.
Hrm.. I wonder if there is a way to figure that out. When I try to open it, it says Connecting... for about 10-20 seconds, and then it says failed. No idea what is doing it
Could this be a firewall or antivirus issue? Some overly cautious programs could balk at this.
Not that I have noticed. I have already opened up a port to go through the modem's firewall and my antivirus shouldn't be preventing me from getting on the game. I honestly have no idea what is causing this..
Hi Foxtai,

Are you trying to connect to your game using the link on the website? If so, depending on how your router is set up, you may have to connect using a different link, as apposed to the one that is given on the website or pager when connecting on the same network.

Try opening the BYOND pager > File > Open Location... > Then type in "localhost:PortNumber" without quotation marks and replace PortNumber with the port your hosting on ( should work also) > OK. You should then be forwarded to your server.

EDIT: See post #7

Good luck!
Whoops, ignore the instructions in the above post, I misread your question.

Instead, try opening the BYOND pager > File > Open Location...> enter "IpAddress:PortNumber" without quotation marks and where IpAddress is the local IP Address of the computer your hosting on (The address you used for portforwarding, and PortNumber is the port you're hosting on. Click OK and you should be forwarded to the server.

Good luck!