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For a number of months BYOND Casual has had several games sitting quietly in the submission section. A number of these games are multiplayer games that can't really be tested in single player, which leaves me in a position where I can't really test them. Because of this, I haven't been able to verify whether these games fit the guild's submission guidelines. Hopefully I can get some extra help from readers to get these games sorted through, reviewed and accepted if they qualify.

This is a list of the games that need to be looked at: If you're interested in writing a full-fledged review for any of these games, I highly recommend you have a look at this IGN article on writing reviews: You Got Game, But Can You Write? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Please use the forum or submit a blog post if you wish to communicate with the guild.
Babble and BYONDSims have no download files nor hosting schedule to play.

Also, Monkey Frenzy is listed in Action already, so it shouldn't be allowed in both guilds. Although it seems like a casual game.

Deadman Walking is casual, although seems very difficult? Hints would really help.
I don't understand what Arctic Cordillera is. Trivia?

All the games other than the first two listed should be good to review. If I have time, I'll try to do up a review although I never have time lately for anything on the computer other than school work. :/
Flame Guardian wrote:
Also, Monkey Frenzy is listed in Action already, so it shouldn't be allowed in both guilds. Although it seems like a casual game.

ACWraith and I decided, as there were no objections, to ignore the exclusivity rule in regards to BYOND Casual. This was done because it isn't exactly one of the primary genres, and we felt there was some overlap. Of course this change goes both ways, so BYOND Casual can list any game it deems appropriate.
I agree, especially since some games could easily be multi-genre with one of them being casual. A casual strategy game is still a strategy game, and a casual action game is still an action game. Even if they're both casual games.

The goal here is to provide a complete listing of all the games that qualify for the genre so that anyone looking for games that fit into this genre can find them here. Regardless of whether they're listed on another site or not.
I would only have one thing to say about this.The funny thing about Icon Tales is that one of their staff members had already spread it to the world about how they had ripped Icon Ultima and what-not.From my point of view they are trying to cover it up by removing the person who had said that.If I am correct it was Kyo Shirograne and Grim.Its just sad how byond has turned out these days.Although did you guys hear about the isometric turn for iconning?Sweet!
Hey, BYOND Sims is done, and never comming back unless I get a good iconner. Me and Drehdog7 was making it because Drehdog7 wanted to, so I said Okay. Then he quit >_> Pissed me off.

Anyways Whats up.