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Iccusion Entertainment has been popping out cool games for years, and Plight was one of their early creations, originally released in mid-2005. Since then it has gone through numerous patches and visual overhauls in order to become the game now.

The objective in Plight is to get the most points, and you acquire points through connecting letters into chains in order to form words. No straight lines required. The better the words you find, the more points you get, although the exact formula for determining their value isn't specified anywhere that I've found. The game is played in rounds, and each round gets faster and faster until the end.

You can play Plight by yourself, or you can recruit some friends to play with on either free-for-all or team mode.

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I love Plight. It remains one of my favorite minigames on BYOND. I'll toast any of you guys on it. :]
I played it. It's sorta cool.

I voted Good.
2546 is my record thus far.
It's not like, super amazing, but it's good.
Looks like a ripoff of the one on yahoo games.
D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
2546 is my record thus far.

Dang, you're good.

My record's only 1088. Biggest word I've ever found was table, for 38 points.
Actually, about the only difference is the lack of type enabled word entry.