Dragon Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_X
Dragon Universe
In this anime inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do.
BYOND Version:N/A (Website Bug)
Operating System:Windows 7 Home Premium
Web Browser:Internet Explorer 9.0
Applies to:Game
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
Descriptive Problem Summary:-Every time I join and click new the part will disapper but the game pixals wont pop up.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:

Code Snippet (if applicable) to Reproduce Problem:

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

Does the problem occur:-Everytime
Every time? Or how often?
In other games?Just this one
In other user accounts?Yes
On other computers?I dont know

When does the problem NOT occur?Never

Did the problem NOT occur in any earlier versions? If so, what was the last version that worked? (Visit http://www.byond.com/download/build to download old versions for testing.)