Original Hub Lands of Legend

by Ginseng
Original Hub Lands of Legend
Immerse yourself in an in-depth world of monsters, heroes, and great treasure as you wander the Lands of Legend!
Lands of Legend is a fantasy roleplaying game where the world itself is created, manipulated, and ruled by the players. It is inspired by Dwarf Fortress's adventure mode, and has lots of detailed gameplay that shows it.

  • Great roleplaying environment: Create a character and immerse yourself as a great hero, a skilled blacksmith, a ruthless villain, or anything in between!
  • Eight races to play as: Choose from a mighty Human, a greedy Ratling, a Dwarven Stahlite, and more!
  • Highly detailed combat system: Hack off limbs, crush someone's throat, and watch them bleed!
  • In-depth open world: Explore the vast lands, make new friends, and build an empire of your own!
  • Hundreds of craftable items: Examine a weapon, tool, or piece of furniture, and you can create your own!
  • Free form building: Build a house, a shop, or even an entire town with friends, and your buildings will save with the map!
Hello everyone. This is a something of a PSA for those asking about the game, messaging me with hosting offers, etc.

The game is going to remain down for the foreseeable future. This isn't because I can't get someone to host it. It's down because it comes with lots of problems in the code, with players, managing it, etc. I can't devote as much to it as I used to be able to. At this point, I'm not sure whether it should put it back up by me. That would involve a lot of time and energy just to see it sit mostly empty after a couple of weeks.

It should also be noted that this game isn't mine. I have little control over anything. All I did was maintain various modded versions, and I'll admit it was fun despite the various problems I encountered. However, I cannot continue to do that right now. I also cannot open source the game for various reasons. That isn't for me to decide, and I will not release any version of the source I have.

I understand that this game was loved and enjoyed by many players, and I apologize that this is all I can do right now. This puts me in a sort of a tough position, but I never expected my small mods to become the actual game.

Thank you and I hope to see what may be in store in the future. :)
It's a shame though. Despite the bugs and glitches, it had one of the most advanced AI and RP system on BYOND. I know Ginseng is(or was) busy RPing on Phoenix, but it seems strange to leave a game like this to rot.
I come here every so often to pay my respects to this corpse that never got a proper funeral, as I also stand with my hunger still not sated.
In response to Korpor4l
Thanks, Korp. I still have a habit of checking this page every few days as well. Although I wouldn't consider this dead. It's just "out of commission" for the time being. Maybe someday. :)
I patiently await, but not expect. If there's ANYTHING I can do to help make it a reality, though, I'm willing to be a slave.
We all need to work together somehow to bring this masterpiece back!
It's back!
The AI and roleplaying systems were incredibly simplistic-- hardly the most advanced.

But it was still fun.
Join the server to RP on this great BYOND classic!
Most stable version to date is back up and hosting, come join. 24/7 hosting with lag issues fixed.

TLR hope to see you back in here too, I know your busy but stop by and say hi sometime
My server is up guys, join in, RP. Need my admins back.
I see a server around, but with no players and the inability to connect to it.
Is there any chance that this could become open coding so that we can make our own servers and attempt to get it up and running? I have a group of friends that would love for this to be up, and we all know some coding and would love to get our hands dirty on it.
Don't know if anyone is here to see this, but check out my homage to this game: http://orig11.deviantart.net/8cd3/f/2015/279/a/2/ lands_of_legend_by_korpor4l-d9c68vf.png

Here are the forums, for those who forgot.
I'd like to buy this game
Make Lands of Legend open source. It's old and raggedy and needs some love.
I agree, servers need to be able to make their own content, like new races, new items, diffirent maps... rebalances, all that fnacy stuff.