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I know that the hidden verbs are stored client side, and I need a way to access them.

Like, how can you see what verbs you have, but are hidden? A list or something.

I can't access the sourcecode anymore, and I have this verb that I can't remember the name of. It did not have a period in front of it, and used the "Set hidden=1" parameter, so if I remember the name of the verb I will be good to go

Is there a way to retrieve a list of hidden verbs?
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Hi mista-mage123,

While their usage isn't quite recommend, and frequently frowned upon, if you have access to a string extractor, you should be able to utilize one to extract the names and/or type paths of almost everything in your game, including, but not limited to, objects, mobs, turfs, procs, and importantly in this case, verbs.

You'll need to be able to recognize the verb when you see the name, as there will not be any classification as to what is what, just a messy unorganized output.

Alternatively, I know of no other way of doing this.

If you don't have access to a string extractor, email me at jam[REMOVE]

Good luck!
A verb, that does not have a period as the first character, will appear if you go to a command input bar, and press TAB or SPACE. The entire list of hidden verbs, without the usage of a period to hide them, will appear. You can narrow it down by typing in character, and then pressing TAB or SPACE, as well.
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I initially thought of this as well, however from a glace at the reference, I noticed that it mentions:

A hidden verb is not visible to players (in menus or in expansion lists) but if typed in full can still be accessed.

While I haven't tested into it, I suspect this won't work in this case because the hidden setting restricts it from appearing in expansion lists.
The "hidden" setting removes a verb from panels as well as the expanded verb list. If you set a verb's category to null, it would appear in the expanded list.
Oh, whoops. I thought the being fully typed out thing applied to periods, not the hidden setting...and I confused it with the null category method.