The Last Conflict

by Darker Emerald
The Last Conflict
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!
Keywords: action, game, review
Alright, here's a review for one of the greatest... no, the greatest BYOND Action game. This is one of those games that prove if you work hard on a game, players will come.


The quality of play experience is almost always great. Although a lot of chatting is always going on, you can usually receive any help through the guide or the chat. The game does not use BYOND 4.0's Skin Interface. I'm not for sure, but I think it's so people with 3.5 can still play it. Now basically what you do in the game is get yourself equipped with some handguns, machine guns, and explosives and just run through hoards of zombies trying to survive. (Well I run through hoards of them =P) Some people stay back and defend a base from the zombies, and try to hold them off as long as they can, and some just rush in to get kills and money, but whatever your reason, you won't get scolded for not cooperating with a team. You shoot holding the F button, and it's auto-aim so it targets the closest zombie to you. You can use explosives such as grenades and detonatable C4s to kill an area of zombies to put a big gap in their front lines. There are many types of zombies, and bosses as well. Once you die, you become a zombie. You can die by infection which is received when a zombie bites you, and by dieing from too much damage to your health. But when you're a zombie, you switch sides and get to kill your formal allies by infecting and killing them. The maps never get old as Darker Emerald has a map maker in which he has players doing his work for him and making tons of maps to be placed in updates that are sure to come. The gameplay is sorta repetitive as all you are doing is killing zombies, but it is a great game to pass by the time.


The icons aren't horrible, but they aren't the best detailed icons you've ever seen. So the graphics part of the presentation got a 3. It has quite a few multi-tiled things in it such as explosions, cars, and the spider boss, but as said before, they are good enough to not hurt your eyes, but not great enough to make them shine. Even though REO2 doesn't have the best graphics, it probably has the best sound effects. This game goes all out with sounds. From zombie moans, to action packed music, to explosions and gunshots, Emerald went for it all. The sound portion of the presentation got a 5, thus getting an 8 in an overall statement.


Well, the game is based off a movie series, but it puts it's own style into the gameplay. You don't see any other team-based, zombie fighting games except for REO, which is made by the same person. The game has no ripped icons, and the programming is all original.


Overall, it's a game that should not be missed. At least try it if you haven't. It's addicting, fun, and original. A great BYOND game that is worthy of it's status. Try Resident Evil Online 2, it's way better than most of the games on BYOND. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to do. I play it usually in the mornings before school to just pass time, so try it today!
Psst it was a Video Game first before being a movie.

Edit: Oh and my Zombie game is technically a team-based Zombie game, although in a totally different format.

I've enjoyed playing REO and REO2 though, no doubt about it its awesome playing with so many people.
I stopped reading after "no, the greatest BYOND Action game. ". I can think of games in Action way better, but it is of a biased opinion of what you are more intrested in. As was yours.
a review
first sentence calls it "the greatest BYOND action game"
Zaole wrote:
a review
first sentence calls it "the greatest BYOND action game"

I would say that it is up there. I would score it down to a 7/10 . I play the game when I'm at my shop to pass the time and I can't play it for more than 2 or 3 games because it does get repetitive. The auto aim feature is WAY too easy, so I just sit there and push the F button. The interface definitely needs to be pushed to BYOND 4.0 , there needs to be a better help file or possibly at least a tutorial. And it needs to be polished up a little bit more.

I do like the sounds in the game, especially the shop keeper, haha. Overall, this should be what an average BYOND game should play like, not one of the best.

Good job Darker Emerald!
heh good on ya diashi... anyway when u gonna do my couple games?
Damn I miss REO2
me too =<
Any idea how to kill the sound completely in this?