Poll: Why did you buy a BYOND Membership?

To support BYOND. 46% (20)
To have my blog post shown on the front page. 9% (4)
To get benefits from the various games I play. 2% (1)
All of the above. 41% (18)

Only BYOND Members can vote.

A fairly simple question I have, why did you buy a BYOND Membership?
I wanted my game files stored on site.
All I have to say is that in the years since memberships were introduced, I have yet to purchase a single one.
D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
All I have to say is that in the years since memberships were introduced, I have yet to purchase a single one.

Same here. Of course, I do enjoy all the benefits in the poll, so I answered it as that.
I wanted the file storage, and screenshots tab for the game hubs. I don't care much about the posts.
This is the 3rd membership I've bought, before it seemed unnecessary. I do like the extra benefits the membership includes, yea++ and nay++. :P
Completely and uttlerly to support BYOND. But I have got some nice perks in some games (MLAAS off the top of my head)

But yeah, Dantom is amazing, hopefully if I ever make it extra big, I can help them out even more!
I think I've only been a couple of days without a membership since it was introduced in 2005. If I didn't buy it or win it in a competition, someone was nice enough to buy me one.

Never the less, all the memberships I've bought were to support BYOND. Blog I can live without, 'cause I have a website (that apparently gets daily traffic now, according to Google) and I don't play any games that benefit me as a member.
ACWraith wrote:
I wanted my game files stored on site.

I did it mostly to show that I support BYOND. I've had my member shit far too long(and finally fixed up my page about early yesterday). I've -JUST- started using the benefits of my membership.

I enjoy BYOND and the community(now that I actually pay attention to things other that the game I played, a game that made me join byond). Well, yea, there ya go. Option #1
I bought my membership to allow me flawless communication on the pager (and I'd guess a little bit to support BYOND), but as that is not listed, I'm kind of not going to vote (to avoid a flawed statistics).
60% to get file storage/screenshots/other misc. things for my game

40% to support byond
Boredom really... I've payed for about 14 memberships altogether and everyone of them I bought because I was bored. I do like the benefits though. :D
To support BYOND, and because I hate all those nagging messages you get when you're not a BYOND member.

Overall, I've spent nearly $400 on memberships though, so the main reason is to support BYOND.
Cal, this vote will produce inaccurate results because of the argument going on in the dev forum. People will vote for their own stubborn opinions in the forum other than the truth of the matter.