Event Jul 13 2012, 7:00 am
to Jul 13 2012, 11:00 am


PvP tournament 7/13



-1 custom designed weapon, armor, or shield
-Exclusive testing for 1.0
-2 legendary weapons of the player's choice
-"Orb of Champions"
-2 regular items of the player's choice
-5 hero points
-100 PvP points


-1 custom designed weapon, armor, or shield
-"Orb of Champions"
-1 regular item of the player's choice
-3 hero points
-50 PvP points


-Players will be arranged on one of two brackets. The first bracket is recommended for players level 30 and under or players who do not have a lot of experience in PvP. The second bracket will involve players who are experienced in combat and contains larger prizes.
-Any and all gear types and abilities are allowed in this tournament.
-Companions are NOT allowed in this tournament.
-Matches will be held and refereed by either Yut Put or other members from the Epic team.
-Winners are determined out of the best of 3 fights.


Please comment with your character name/player key, your character's class(if none, say so), your character's level, and your character's race, along with the bracket you will be participating in.


-The prizes are limited currently, but if you would like to offer a simple subscription to a game of yours to a winning player in exchange for some exposure for your game then simply comment with the game, subscription type, and which bracket you'd like to offer it in.
-Players entering now who are below level thirty can level up their characters before friday to reach the requirements. Players will only be rejected if they do not meet the level requirement the day the tournament is being hosted.
-Changes to PvP to make it more fun and balanced will likely be made over the course of the week.


Legendary bracket:
1. ExPixel, level 61 human noob
2. Lordjamex, level 48 orc cutthroat

Normal bracket:
1. PacoTacoPacoTaco, level 10 elf thief
2. Falcon, level 2 dwarf
so how do i enter
In response to PacoTacoPacoTaco
PacoTacoPacoTaco wrote:
so how do i enter

Type this:

(Your character's name), (Your character's level), (Your character's race), (Your character's class(if you have an orb), (Regular or Legendary(Legendary is level 30+ only))
Falcon, Level 2, Dwarf, None, Regular.

I already have my own custom armor though, trollface.
YoMama, 99, Pixel, ImagePixel, Legendary.
Now this is something I HAVE to see.
In response to EmpirezTeam
EmpirezTeam wrote:
Now this is something I HAVE to see.

PvP in the game is actually pretty balanced, fun, and interesting to watch.
There weren't enough entries to begin, and unexpected life related things held me back today. Another tournament might be rescheduled on a later date.