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Well this may drive some of you away, but hopefully a good deal of you will appreciate this...

Fighters of Legend is dead, I am no longer working on a Dragon ball(Z) game.

Let me explain...
I love the series but the more I tried to do with the game, the more it was becoming less "Dragon Ball (Z)". During my last actual content post, the game was generally my own creation with minor references. The only "Dragon ball" parts of the game really were the race names/models and some terms like "Super saiyan"... I didn't even have actual Dragon Balls, because they wouldn't work well in an online game without severe restriction.

For a while now I've realized that I wasn't even really making a Dragon ball game anymore. I had no training, no kamehameha waves, and none of the characters from the show since the time frame was far into the future. Because of this I've decided to broaden the game into something completely original, 100% my own, without resorting to minor references to make the game interesting to some outsiders. Honestly I really don't want to solely draw in the anime crowd around here anyway, I didn't even release anything besides a few plain images and my page turned into a breeding ground for ePenor flexing, idiots, and people being accused of ripping from something that doesn't even exist yet... That's not really what I want.

As for this game...
It'll still be the same basic game in a sense, except I wish to introduce races and classes that aren't Dragon ball. I also want a game with trade skills and a reasonable player economy, and honestly I couldn't think of a logical way to design that in the Dragon ball universe.

I do realize alot of you were looking forward to me making that "ideal DBZ game", and I'm sorry to let you down. In all fairness if that's what you're looking for, Dragon Ball Online II is amazing from what I've seen of it, and Quaddw is working on a newer version of Onslaught, both are very good alternatives and I honestly couldn't provide better.

As for my graphics
They're kinda on the back burner too. They were looking really nice and were fun to make, but honestly I think I was in overkill mode with the alphas generated to produce that kind of smoothness. Imported they had at least 40 different colors per base, and would be very inefficient for a little extra eye candy. To save myself time I've moved into generally smaller graphics, something more in the 32x32 range. That should at least allow me to progress a little quicker, since drawing all of those icon_states was such a time killer, and there was no way I would ever finish all of the overlays in the next few years as a solo artist... lol.

In short...
FoL has become a currently unnamed project. The whole story and gameplay will remain practically unaltered. From this point on this is no longer a fan game, but an entirely original creation with some similarities.

<3 Ken.
Good luck, I do believe you have the ability to release a good game.

I hope you finish this. And please, more post detailing your new project :)
It is what it is dude, do your thing, Ill play your game either way. I cant blame you either, the anime community can be pretty bad.

Atleast with this you have the possibility of making a profit if you wish to do so. Not to mention complete control. Good luck with it.
I promise they will come. :)
I support the creation of original projects.
Initiating clap sequence:

for(var/x=23,x>0,x/=2) {hands.clap();sleep(x)}


*hands explode*

Can't wait to see what you make now that you aren't tethered to a precreated world :)
Itl be awesome no doubt.
I hope so, I have a good feeling about where I'm going. I'm pretty sure people are going to hate my basic styled graphics in place of a multi-tiled nude sculpture :P

I can say that with the race-class combos, players will still be able to somewhat feel like an anime character.
SuperAntx wrote:
I support the creation of original projects.

well if it was only you working in the game why not get a team??
If I were to get a team it wouldn't be my project anymore... I'm possessive enough to let that bother me sadly. I would however consider an artist, but then again I do not like relying on other people.

If I want something, I want it done when I want it done. :p
I'm actually glad your creating a non anime game. BYOND is full of thieves, and I didn't want to see your game end up as 9001 other noob's rips. I support your new un-named game, Ken. Good Luck.
whether or not his game is anime does not really have an effect on its ability to get ripped
Ah Well. I was looking forward to the DBZ Game, But now i think imma look forward to this so called new game. :D

Keep the up the good work. xD
Good Luck Man
Cool, its nice to expect something diffrent... Good luck.
I'm not playing it if it isn't anime.
The Eclipse Team wrote:
I'm not playing it if it isn't anime.

Good. The community doesn't need any more thieves like yourself.
Toadfish wrote:
KDG wrote:
The Eclipse Team wrote:
I'm not playing it if it isn't anime.

Good. The community doesn't need any more thieves like yourself.

Ha. I hope I'm not the only one that sees the irony in this.

And this supposed irony is?
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