Actually, no. I'd like to thank my good friend John. J0hnTh3Drumm3R, to be exact.

After doing some work for him, he bought me a year's membership as payment, with the comment, "Don't bail out on me after I pay you, alright?". Of course, I don't intend to. Or do I? No, I don't. I definitely don't. So, with that, I'm a member. Sweetness.

In addition to this news, I'd also like to announce the start of a VERY SECRET COOL PROJECT that I'm going to be working on from this point on.

For those of you who know Matthewkind, my brother, it's a game we're going to be working on together whenever he's over. I can't quite release any information about it right now, but I can say that it's going to be pretty amazing. As for my own project, Crystal Hearts, I'm still slowly working on it. Actually, that's a lie. I'm still BARELY working on it. I'm mostly stuck on making a nice-looking HUD and figuring out how I want the game to work, visually.

Once I get that done, though, it'll be easy work to re-write my battle system and get started on character creation. Once I'm on to all of that, the next roadblock will be mapping.... Ohgod... So, another big thanks to John, seriously! With that, I'm off to go procrastinate and play other games work on many epic things! See ya!

Good luck with your projects. And congratulations on your membership.
What he said.
Congratulations.Make sure your careful on every bit of code(even the simplest little piece) and compile often(So you know if what you just coded in was defective). :)
I'm looking forward to trying out your game. I'm hoping it's "totally amazing."