My arm was hurting too earlier, but it's fine now...

I decided to finally take a bit of initiative, and worked through the night to finish my HUD. It turned out pretty great, I think. I'm very satisfied with it, and I don't impress myself easily. Though, for some reason, I'm pretty easily impressed by others.

That said, it IS a bit small, but I don't really care right now, and I'm sure it won't be much of a problem for future players. Even if it is, I could just remake it... Though that would be a serious pain...

Speaking of pain, my arm was hurting pretty badly partway through making the stamina bar. I copy-pasted a design I made in MS Paint, to bypass the 32x32 icon limit, unaware that there was no zoom that way. So, it was a serious strain on my eyes and arm to edit the 100-pixel-wide-color-gradient stat bars to have a state for each percentage.

Copy, paste, double-click, select, copy, paste, adjust, back, double-click, re-name, rinse, wash, repeat. I guess it's a bit amazing I didn't give in to the monotony. To be honest though, I didn't even notice I was doing the same thing again and again.

The reason for that being, my brother left my MP3 Player he'd "borrowed" for the longest time at my house before going home to his own. So, I was listening to that, which mostly distracted me. Thing is, I have an awful habit of challenging myself to "complete x amount of work before this song is over". I seriously irk myself when I do that, you see. To make matters worse, I often achieve my own challenge, just barely, which makes me create even more.

While I was working, though, I got distracted on the BYOND website and wound up playing some game. , to be exact.

It was pretty fun. Some kind of RPG/Competition where you choose a class, and race to get an ultimate treasure at the bottom of a dungeon and return to the entrance. There's no levelling up, but it's got a neat system with companions and traprooms and such.

I played it solo, got killed early on as a knight. Then I retried as a sprite, and eventually made my way to the center of the bottom floor, where the treasure rests. But, of course, what fun is a treasure without a guardian boss? The damned thing was tough. Killed all my comrades, and took every magical item I had to finish it off. Not to mention some type of giant spider was teaming up with it, laying webs and such to trap my guy. But, I managed to win and get the treasure...... Well, I managed to get the treasure... To my despair, I discover I'm trapped by webs or something, and unable to free myself. I despair for about two-hundred or so turns before time's up and I lose the game. /wrist

But, enough of my rambling about some random game I got distracted with and wound up despairing over. To sum it all up, I finished the Crystal Hearts HUD. Amazing how easy it is to stretch something that simple into so many paragraphs.

What's even more amazing is that you're bothering to read it all. You must have even more free-time than I do.

At any rate, it's around six AM as I write this, and I'm tired, so I'm going to go pass out now.

to long!
TAC0_MAST3R wrote:
to long!

My lathargy started hurting after the first sentence. Way too long.
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