I don't understand anything. To be clear, the part that confuses me is the proc names, self CPU, total CPU, real time, and calls. The rest of the profiler is filled with real things, of course, with possible values for everything.

What I do to profile my worlds is to start it and reboot, then continue. I like getting profiler results from the very beginning of world creation.
The blank entries are from shortcuts like new(), list(), newlist(), [], I think....everything else, I don't know.
According to Lummox JR (from a bug report):
Procs with no name can show up in your profiler and they basically mean that you initialized something like a list or another object at compile time. I can also say that strange numbers are already known to show up in the profiler from time to time, but that has been reported before.

So the blank entries are likely from doing compile-time initialization. Although, I can't imagine that you're creating 1.5 billion of something... so they may be for something else.