Hi I need help with my router to allow Byond daemon to host. i get an error saying BYOND hub reports port 54713 cannot be reached by players.

A firewall or router may be interfering with your connection. For information on hosting worlds through a firewall or router, please visit BYOND Help or

i checked my firewall settings but that didn't help.
i did be able to log in my router but i dont know what to do because my router didn't show up on the Byond hosting tutorial by port fowarding. please help me out because i want to host again.

heres my router model

westell a90-9100em15-10

and then i can help, its too hard to explain on byond
Yes i still need help, it now says Connection Failed then dissapears really fast.
Ok, get on that chatroom i linked you to
In response to Hj32853
okay im on
im sorry i was afk,

if i cant do it now, illl porbally do it in 1 or 2 or 3 hours from now.