So Nadrew and I were playing a quick round of Submerged for an alpha test, and within 1 minute, the station starting falling apart. The typical camera movement, the lights flickered and debris fell down, consequently knocking me on my head and giving me some damage.

Nadrew and I were pushing our way out of the rubble when suddenly, it happened again leaving Nadrew and I trying to maneuver our way around the rubble until suddenly we were trapped. I suffered damage to both my arms and was not able to move them anymore, leaving me trapped. A fire then broke out and I died.

I think I traveled about 3 hallways and 2 rooms. It was exciting, suspenseful and very fun. And it was just an alpha.

Neblim has been working on the graphics for the base icon, looks a lot better now. It's all coming together!

Don't hold me to this, but we could be in closed beta by Christmas!

Feel free to add questions, comments, concerns to your comment, we love the support!
Well, I can't wait to play this game. Definitely looks like something I can get into.
My only nitpick is that the base doesn't seem to stand out very well against the color of the ground. Otherwise, sounds like fun.
The base isn't the final version. It's just progress. (As you can see one has a thinner waist and the other has a thicker waist) Subscribers will be able to customize the color/look of their characters.
Sounds pretty intense.