I'm currently working on a Space Survival Game right now, here's a little preview of how the station will look (roughly)

This is beautiful!! This really looks decent and a lovely style! Looking forward to have some more pieces like this!

I doubted you at first with your naruto post but your scenery art is very nice, keep it up(The highlights of the wall panels are a little jagged and the yellow caution pipes + wall popes on the front wall are pillowy, though)
The perspective looks screwy. You can see 3 sides of the wall while only 1, not including the top, of what I presume to be a glass wall. I like the colors though.

Hopefully the game play will be great!
I love the perspective actually. It's a throwback to a lot of classics, like Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and there's a lot of good details going on too.
Reminds me of Bomberman.
Reminds me of the X-Men, Danger Room.
Reminds me of Fusion Frenzy. No idea why.
Well you know what they say.

A picture is worth a thousand games.
It looks nicely styled, very neat indeed. I also favor the perspective as D4RK3 said.
The perspective is a little confused, but I don't think it would distract from playability. The lines are clear and it seems easy enough to distinguish between passable and blocked locations. One suggestion I might make is that with so much grey blue, you may want to use hue or saturation to indicate passable areas. IE make passable floor a warmer grey while the blocked areas are a cool grey.

Regardless, I wouldn't spend much time tweaking right now and would focus on getting a playable game.
I think the perspective would work a little better if the blocks covered one another. Right now if two blocks are vertically adjacent, they both show their front side; but really the upper block's front should be covered by the lower block. Right now it looks like there's a small open space between them, or that they're at different heights.