You have met your match... Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

How was everyone's thanksgiving? I enjoy the family time we had, gathered at my fiance's parent's place for some gaming and feasting. It was quite a treat!

Tomorrow is Black Friday (The sequel to Thanksgiving, or what I like to call Cracker Thursday), which means that I get to sleep in while my significant other does some violent shopping with her mom. I feel then would be a good time to post an update about what I've turned FoL into, with some pictures and details of what to expect in the future.

I would post some information now, but I lack the focus to spell it all out. :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed your day!
Good, Soo lol did you gain like 10 pounds like me lol. Well anyways hope you had a good thanksgiving
For the lulz of black friday

Just wait til Mexican Monday, when all your new shit you bought on black friday gets stolen.
My turkey was 25 lb now what !!?