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I have a feature called Stamina I almost always use for my games. Its there to keep people from just hoarding all the action and resources for themselves, along with providing a means for people to really think out their moves.

This is a discussion on such.
I use it because I dont want people hoarding the resources and exp of the turfs, yet be active in the first place, though not too much exploration all at once.
I'm wondering if Stamina would be necessary in the Nexus.
Sorta doubtful.
Many people fear it but I think it might be worthwhile to implement it into the Nexus anyway. Sometimes it's not about what people want but what they need. Soon we should be able to unite all games.
I would add it to the nexus, but you need to convince at least 5 sites other than byond to accept it.

Now dont bring up nexus here.
I know you would like to keep the Nexus confidential, but the only way to bring about the Nexian Unification of all games is through proselytism.

Now, could you give me a status report on the energy available for this project?
Not on this post. Please dont change subject.
So nobody cares to even comment. Not even trying to find a good solution to denying the hoarding and abuse of gaining too much supplies and such.
I didn't understand at first what you meant by "Stamina." Now I see that you mean a "carrying limit," or "item weight" and "weight limit." To me, "Stamina" is how much energy you have to do work like smash rocks or chop trees, or sprint.

I like limiting the number of items a player can have. A low limit can affect gameplay a lot. For example, in DayZ you have fairly tiny inventory space to carry weapons, food/water, medical supplies, etc. When you see a new item, you have to consider if it's worth taking or leaving.
Your explanation of what you used "Stamina" for was pretty terrible, I actually thought you might be trolling, or just an idiot.

I use this thing called health, it keeps people from living forever and hogging all of the action. It also serves to make people think about their actions. Discuss the merits of health in gaming.

I could do the same for mana/mp/levels/etc., but I think you get the picture. You didn't explain what your "Stamina" does or how you implemented it, you just said you use it for something and that we should discuss it here. Provide more context and you might get more responses.
I have a hunch that Developous and Empirez are the same person.
He is not the same.

Stamina is a Physical aspect. Its used to control just how many actions you can perform at once.
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Lugia319 wrote:
I have a hunch that Developous and Empirez are the same person.

I am neither Developous nor Empirez. I am the one who will destroy you!
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Woah, is that a Dragon Ball Z reference I hear? Didnt think you watched such things.
That wasn't me. Empirezpous said that.
I talked to him on his game. He apparently has a mild case of autism and is somewhere in his early 40s/late 30s.