I hate writing these things, but I wanted to see if they were reasonable in the eyes of my (possibly 1) viewer(s).

I question why I love a girl for six years.
After tormenting my self by watching movies that make me cry like a waterfall I questioned my beliefs and philosophy, then I questioned 'What makes me so strong in the heart yet fragile?' Then I look back 2nd grade year, the girl I fell in love with I fell in love with for only the reason that she was beautiful.

But, because of how I behaved things took a turn! I became mentally and emotionally depressed, somehow thinking it would impress her, and soon it became real and stuck to my head. My God, had it not been for this latter result I'd say I 'hate' her!

And the big thing is, because of her I've become more enlightened on emotions, which grew into my philosophy, which made me a Peace Walker.

So basically, I've become a Peace Walker all because of a cute girl with pretty hair!
This has nothing to do with the post but uhm...

Anarchy is win.