I'm not sure where else to ask this, so I figured I would try here...

I run Xampp to host my website. For those of you familiar with webhosting, Apache needs Port 80 available. It is... However, no one else can access my website... I would like to know why...?
Where is the XAMPP deployment running? Is it your PC, on a home network, some bought VPS / server?
My home PC.
Also... Before you ask... I bypass my router so IP Forwarding is not needed, and I have taken care of the firewalls...

(Why did you mod my post? I was only being honest...)
Alright, and how is the network configured for your home? Is it something like ... Internet -> Router -> PC, or perhaps with a separate modem involved also?

I'm essentially just starting off by checking that you've port-forwarded port 80 correctly, which you seem to say you already have. But it's nice to rule that one out early.
For the sake of some personal convenience, could you provide the URL to your website?
My network is bit messy to say the least, but it's effective.

Modem to 4-Port HUB
4-Port HUB to Router
4-Port HUB to My PC (Bypassing the router since I hate them)
Router to PS3 (Wired)
Router for wireless for my gf's cell phone and her laptop.
Right, that resolves to for me, and port 80 is responding.

"This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later." is what I'm getting back. The suggestion from googling, is this is a GoDaddy DNS redirection issue? The IP address above, is registered to which I'd expect, is not your home network?
Oh, yes, incidentally, what IP address is returning, and what is your ISP?
Something is seriously wrong there... My IP Address is NOT

Mine is My domain name is through and it is setup accordingly...
Your DNS record for that domain looks like so: default.asp?prog=dnsrec&

The A (address) record is what decides the IP address returned: A 3600s
I am such a god damn idiot... I was just looking over my settings in my profiles... I never changed my Zone File to match my new IP... >_<
No problem, it does happen I find, and isn't always the easiest thing to debug when your old records are pointing to configured (but incorrect) servers, that give responses.