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This is a rather straightforward request, we need the ability to automatically split subscription income between hub authors/helpers/whatever. If a game has a subscription of $10 and has a 50% split between Person A and Person B, they both get $5 deposited into their wallet.

If it's automated it would be so much easier to just go, "Okay, we're gonna make this game and split the profit by this percentage."
This request goes with my heritage.

That being said, it's also a good idea.
I think this should go along with multiple 'owner' keys listed on a hub. I think Kongregate does something like it.
I like it. Should be something we can add relatively easily.
This is an awesome idea. Hopefully we can attract pixel artists in Classified Ads and have a tag such as

[50% sub x 2 people]
I love this idea. It could help reduce issues with people finding pixel artists, or at the very least reduce the chance of pixel artists being scammed or lied to. I look very forward to this addition being added.
Bump. Don't know if this was forgotten or if it's in the update Tom's been on-and-off about, but I'd like to atleast know this is still intended as an addition.
I have next to no income so I always go the share of the profit route when trying to find aid in development projects though I would end up with three or more here as I'm a game designer wannabe at this point and have neither coding skills or the ability to actually draw the image I see for my games. I can describe it easily I just can't make it look right.
Bump again.