by D-Cire
A FTP fantasy MORPG based on medieval times.
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Ive been caught up with work and my girlfriend, however i had a day off from that so i decided to try and update Akriso. There were some small, and some large changes. The biggest being the Art Revamp courtesy of Zane444! Along with the new screenshots i just posted ill post the Updates in a list here exactly as they are noted in-game.

Well that's all for now. Thanks for all of the support! I'm planning to put aside at least 1-2 days a week for the next few weeks to program on Akriso. Im open to all suggestions as well, just post in the Feature request forum.

Thanks again, - Cire

-Added an on-screen button to show the update log. I could still use some advice with positioning this.
-Fixed name overlays and their positions.
-Fixed Overlay bars and their positions.
-FPS changed to 30 in hopes of it fixing the problem of the art looking choppy.
-Links to the game's HUB are now updated.
-Added the games Subscription system to the HUB. This currently doesn't do anything but show your support to the game.
*Note: All subscribers will recieve a free renewal of their subscriptions once the game reachs a playable state. Top donators will receive special prizes from custom in-game items to being able to pick a race to add to the game!
-Removed all previous NPCs/AIs that did not match the new Art style.
-Made adjustments to the Known Bug List.
-Remapped the Alpha map.
-Removed Orc race/NPCs until their base icons are finished.
-Added Updates list.
-Started Akriso's Art revamp thanks to Zane444 - Requested by GreatFisher.
-Fixed the null.Finish() runtime error - this was also due to Click() being called twice.
-Fixed the inventory display issue where clicking an item showed the description twice - Caused by Click being called twice again.
-Fixed Chat toggle not working - Turned out to be an issue with Click() being called twice and that causing it to hide then show again.
-Fixed Chat overlapping itself - Hopefully.(Raimo)
I liked the graphics before they strongly resembled Spirit Age. =/
Well GreatFisher went back on his word and requested an art overhaul seeing as only 10% of the art was made by me. So i figured why not go for an entire new style, but things worked out this way so hopefully ill be able to improve my pixel art while also revamping.
Lol, Zane, so many people have that base now :P
that's because i made it free resource along with the rest of the art.
I am fully aware of that Zane, get back on your leash >:l....
Skyiden, it's been free resource for a while. Im just thankful that he made it in the first place. =3