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As of over a year how i have had this problem,but now i think you guys know what the problem is (and it is not my firewall btw) my wifi has never let me loggin to byond online (i dont know why) but about a month ago a mysterious network called Ndance1000 appeared (Unsecured network) so i tried that network to log in to byond, and it worked! but nothing last forever :'( the network vanished. So then i wondered why did a mysterious network can log in and my wifi network can't someone help me!! D:
Hello again,

As was suggested in the original topic you had made, there is still a possibility that this isn't a configuration issue on your end, but could be a connect issue upstream with your ISP.

Try testing out these suggestions and report back with the results:

1) Try logging into the BYOND pager with a guest key. Are you able to connect to games from the website or found in your bookmarks dropdown menu?

2) Open the BYOND pager > File > Preferences > Advanced > Check to see if pager port is set to 0, if it is, try changed it to another number (four digits is safe), then try forwarding that though your router's firewall.

Good luck!
my port number was sent to zero but even when i changed it, it didn't work neither did no.1
Is anyone going to help me :'(
Is it possible to connect to the Internet directly (without going though your router) via a cord? If it is, can you test to see if you can connect and join games?

If you still cannot with a direct connection. Then the problem is almost certainly streaming down from your ISP. Some users have been able to use a program like GhostVPN to work around these restrictions, otherwise you will have to contact your ISP and request they figure out/resolve why BYOND traffic is being restricted.
ok i will try that
Yo I have no problems current cause the unsecure network came back up. But if you get the solution please let me know
still no one helps :'(
What type of router are you on?
am on just on a modem