This is a small project I started on Friday. The idea behind the game is that you use whatever means necessary to plunder as much gold as possible. I am aiming for a sandbox feel, where players create their own strategies to get pass the obstacles presented to them. To gain these sandbox abilities, you will have to find class stones throughout the dungeons, usually dropped from destroyed crates.

There are currently three classes in the game, but more will be added soon!

  • Novice
  • - The starting class. All you are equipped with is your fists and a wooden shield.

  • Mage
  • - Use magic to outwit your opponents! Create ice blocks to slide by. Melt the ice blocks with fire to create water, which slows enemies. Electrify the water with a lightning bolt to create a deadly trap!

  • Rogue
  • - Shoot your enemies from afar with arrows! Lay down spike traps for enemies to fall on! See past illusionary walls to reach more treasure!

Alas, since I just started this project a couple days ago, there are only a few enemies, and only the first four levels are complete. I just want to get some community feedback before moving forward, such as ideas to make it more like a sandbox, balancing, etc.

The Hub can be found HERE!

I added the class stones at the start of the game so people will have an easier time giving feedback.
Dem heads.
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EmpirezTeam wrote:
Dem heads.

Watch how you be talkin bout dem head, somous happen'a likem.
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Lol, Did you actually play the game or just look at the heads?
Happy Birthday, Boxcar. Yeah, I totally called you out.
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Heh, thanks man XD
Looks interesting to say the very least! (:
I'm really enjoying the sudden surge of original games over the past couple weeks.
This is really cool. I can't wait to see where you take this!

I did notice that the screen seems to use a lot of vertical space ( as I was unable to see whatever the blue things are on the HUD.
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@Kumorii Thanks a lot for the support man ;)

Hmm that is strange. The HUD is suppose to stay at the top of the screen. Maybe its a resolution thing. The HUD is suppose to look like this and stay at the top left as seen here...

The blue things are mana counters. Ill mess with the interface to see if I can fix this.
I wasn't able to see the hearts at all.
HUD should be fixed now.
I dislike the controls.

Because you require the mouse to open items, my right hand is on it while my left is on the arrow keys. When I need to activate a skill, I move my right hand from the mouse to the arrow keys and use my left to activate the skills. As you can imagine, this is rather awkward.

I suggest the following:
WASD - Movement
SPACE - Use Skill
1, 2, 3 - Select a Skill
MOUSE - Open Items
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You make a good point. I'll change the controls in the next update.
It looks really nice but it doesn't play very well. Perhaps you should find a programmer who is good with tweening and pixel movement, or you could experiment with it yourself. Somebody who could help you make your game feel more fun while giving you the time to work on the art assets
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This project actually started to give myself programming practice. I know there is tons of room for improvement with the current systems. What exactly do you mean by it not playing well? Do you mean the movement feels laggy, or it's too simple? I ask because I really want to bring this game to the next level.