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Today I was thinking to myself, "What does Developer Help lack with its current system consisting of:

The Best Helpers Ever
The Best Helpers in the last 30 days

and the idea that I came up with would be to display the number of points each "Helper" has somewhere on the site. It could go under their name, or on their site page.

We could have a page which ranked the top 100 helpers of all time.

People could get little medals put next to their name for being a top 10 helper, or earning so many helper points.
You can hover over a user's member icon in the "Most Helpful Users" box to see their total/monthly point count. Although I agree that it might be nice to display them elsewhere for those who don't make it into the top 5.

I moved this post to feature requests
In response to DarkCampainger
I'm interested in knowing if topics that get moved/deleted still add to the overall points of the 'helper'.
Deleted and moved topics no longer retain a point value.
Tangibly related, particularly your first request: [Link]

The third request was implemented a while ago, but I'm not able to mark this as resolved because you included three requests in one.