I just wanted to point out that I'm going to start accepting games into this guild which, although I personally wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole, otherwise fit the quality standards. That means they're single player, can be downloaded, are of decent quality and apparently some people enjoy them.

While I'm going to accept some of those games that have been sitting in my submission box for a while because I can't bring myself to play-test them, I personally don't endorse these games. I'm listing them here for completeness sake, since this is the Single Player Games guild after all, so it should have a thorough listing of all the single player games, not just the ones I like (or can stand to play).

Although to contradict what I just said, I'm still not accepting anime games. If you want single player anime games, go to BYOND Anime's games listing and click the single player tab.

I am still going to restrict the Featured Games section to games that I like.
I think it is extremely ignorant to only accept games that you like. If the game is single player with decent quality, it should have been accepted in the first place whether you liked the game or not. It is hard to get a single player game out in the open since you cannot host it for a bunch of people to join (well you can host it, but what would be the point?), and it is harder to advertise. They should have been accepted into this guild a long time ago.
It wasn't accepting on a basis of whether I like it or not, it was accepting on a basis of play-testing to verify that the game is actually single player-able and also that it is of moderately decent quality. However, quite frankly I don't want to touch certain games, which makes it hard for me to ever get around to checking them out to verify these things. Now I'm just going to accept them if there's evidence that they're single player and other people seem to like them.

If you don't like the fact that I don't want to play test certain games to find out, then I'd be perfectly happy to have you play test them for me and let me know whether they belong or not.
No thanks, I don't have the time to test out games either. I was not sure what you meant at first, that is where my response came from. I am sure there are tons of people out there who would not mind play-testing these games. You should make a post about it.
I tried that for BYOND Casual and it didn't work. For now my best bet is just to see if the games are popular based on the feedback they get. If its popular and single player, its probably at least half decent.
If you don't like the fact that I don't want to play test certain games to find out, then I'd be perfectly happy to have you play test them for me and let me know whether they belong or not.

what games? i might look into them if you trust my opinion
At the moment, they are:

- Resident Evil
- Ultimate Strife
- Zombie Wars
- Quarantine
- Matar Redondel
- War

I don't know who the authors are at the moment, but these games should be in the listing right now.
-Matar Redondel
i have no idea why this would be considered a single player game. it's an objective based shooter, but all the objectives are based around there being other players (such as CTF); there are no bots, and there's nothing at all you can do alone (unless punching a target dummy counts)

-Resident Evil
this one's good, and it can be played single player with real objectives (although it's intended to be primarily multiplayer)

playable, but extremely onesided and unpolished. basically a much much smaller, weaker version of resident evil

-Zombie Wars
the moment i started it up the game spat a runtime error at me and the "zombie counter" went from 0/2000 to -3/2000 and continued to degenerate. i could not open/close doors (using the hotkey the help menu told me to use) so i could not leave the starting room. unplayable

playable, but very linear gameplay with balance issues, and the interface needs massive reworking. i'm pretty sure the game gave me a full-on seizure from all the interface icon blinkings and stuff

-Ultimate Strife
hard to tell, since it's very much so not my cup of tea :\ it's playable single player, since there's AI. the controls were unintuitive and the gameplay was really slow paced and annoying to deal with and unexciting

Resident Evil was the only game that i managed to eke any fun out of when playing. it was quite well put together, user friendly, and very entertaining. the rest were confusing glitchfests that made my head hurt
Okay, I'll axe all the games except for RE. Thanks for the input. I wish BYOND would put out a few more decent single player games. You'd think it would be easy to at least create games like Teh Blobz, which is pretty basic stuff as far as BYOND is concerned, and all it needs is a little story and some content.
You can take a look at Resident Evil: Apocalypse World if you want, and let me know if it fits in this guild.
it's a rip/copycat of REO2 ( ). i had no idea that game was ripped, but apparently so. it's not intended to be a single player game either
Alright I'll scratch that one off. I wasn't expecting much from a guy that submitted it along with half a dozen of his DBZ games.